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ReFresh ReStart respite program - 2017


As a grandmother of two young boys diagnosed with autism, I personally see the day to day challenges families face.  We are pleased to be able to offer parents one or two night break giving them the opportunity to refresh and restart.  Suzanne Jacobson, Founder

QuickStart - Early Intervention for Autism is a Canadian Registered Charity and we operate without government funding.  We sincerely thank our local hotels and generous donors for helping to make this program possible!  

ReFresh ReStart program information: Please read carefully before you apply

  • Parents will be awarded stays of one or two nights based on their application request and availability of stays.  Stays are awarded through random draws that take place throughout the year, January to December.  Approximately 40 stays per year are awarded to parents.  QuickStart Autism arranges the stay for the parent.
  • We require parents to apply once duing each calendar year starting in January.  Parents need only apply once during a calendar year to be entered into the draw.  Duplicate applications will not be entered into the draw.  Names will be entered into the draw once the application and proof of diagnosis have been received.  
  • The stays are for the parent(s) only.  Parents are responsible for arranging their own childcare while they are away.  QuickStart Autism funds up to $150 per night for childcare while the parents are away.  It may be a family member, friend, professional, etc.  We require an original signed receipt from the childcare provider for the parent to be reimbursed. 
  • The program is open to parents of children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and who live in the National Capital Region (including Gatineau). 
  • Proof of an autism diagnosis is required by a medical doctor or psychologist or a qualified professional.  
  • To apply, fill in our online application form. Please make sure you answer each question in full and that your contact information is correct so we can notify you if your name is drawn.  If you have more than one child diagnosed with autism, then you may fill in an application for each child.  

Parents names will be drawn throughout the year as hotel stays become available.  Parents will be notified by email or by phone that they have been awarded a stay.  The hotel is determined based on donated stays and the hotel availability to match the parent(s) requested dates for their stay.

Click here to apply.  If you have any questions, please email ReFresh ReStart.

Parent Comments:

“What can I say? We had a beautiful room facing the Parliament buildings...a clean and beautiful room with the most comfortable had a sound machine that lulled us to sleep for naps....NAPS!! We also slept through the night which is a rare occurrence....we had time to devote to each other and reconnect...we barely spoke about the children, which is usually our topic of conversation. We had a delicious breakfast in bed and walked everywhere....not something we can do in our rural subdivision!

 Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and for our stay in this luxurious hotel. We are so grateful and energized as a result of our time away. Thank you, thank you Westin and QuickStart for giving us a memorable weekend!” 

“I want to thank you for having given me the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a peaceful night at the beautiful hotel.  This time to myself meant so very much to me, a single mom who appreciates this gift with my whole heart.  What you and the hotel partners do for us parents of children with ASD means more than you can imagine."

“It was a wonderful re-charge to parent batteries - when sometimes I don’t know how we’ll cope - this gave us a renewed sense of support, relief, respite and we felt lucky for once in some time!  We so much appreciate this - thank you!"

“I want to thank you so much for the parents night out my husband and I had.  We both enjoyed it tremendously. The room was gorgeous and huge. We really appreciated that we could relax and have a quiet evening without having to worry about our children.”

“It was a wonderful re-charge to parent batteries - when sometimes I don’t know how we’ll cope - this gave us a renewed sense of support, relief, respite and we felt lucky for once in some time!  We so much appreciate this - thank you!"

When you are busy working full-time to support your family, and filling in all your free time advocating for services and support for your child - and for others affected by autism - it’s easy to forget to nurture yourself and your marriage.  QuickStart recognizes tat helping the children with autism also means making sure the whole family is well and supported."

"You've put a little spring in my step.  I'm not even going to tell my husband that I applied until we find out.  So exciting even if we don't get it!  Little things like this go a long way in the daily struggles with funding, appointments, care, stress, worry, etc."

 "OMG a room downtown one night would be such a welcome relief from our usual routine.  Thanks so much ..."
“Thank you so much for giving us the wonderful opportunity of a night away!  That was our first night away in 6 years.  We feel rested and reenergized.  The hotel took exceptional care of us.  Your program is a lifesaving gem and we are SO appreciative!”
“The hotel was wonderful, thank you so much!  We had a luxury suite which made the stay even better:)  We got lots of rest and toured downtown like tourists.  It was really nice to spend two entire nights of alone time which we have not done for so many years!”
“Thank you so much for the evening out, child care, and hotel stay.  We had so much fun.  We went out for dinner, went to a movie, and got to sleep in (and had no interrupted sleep too)!  What was so nice, was that we got to enjoy each other alone, without kids, and realized how much fun we could have together….I really think we had forgotten." 


Current and past Participating Hotels:

 Albert at Bay Suite Hotel   Victoria Park Ottawa Hotel  The Westin Ottawa
Lord Elgin Hotel Radisson Hotel Ottawa Parliament Hill  Hampton Inn

 hi_logo_square.jpg Marriott Hotel

 Cartier Place     Indigo Hotel Logo 

 Château Cartier Fairmont Château LaurierMarriott Residence Inn

Minto Suite Hotel Sheraton Hotels - Ottawa

Novotel Hotel Ottawa Holiday Inn - Downtown Ottawa Marriott Courtyard - Downtown Ottawa

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