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early intervention

Early intervention gives your child the chance to achieve their best.  If you have any concerns about your child's development, do not wait

What does Early Intervention mean?  Early Intervention is providing help to a child as soon as a child starts to show the first signs of autism. Early Intervention inlcudes: speech therapy, parent coaching, behaviour consultation, occupational therapy, behaviour therapy and more.

Signs of Autism

  • Child does not respond to their name or verbal cues 
  • Poor eye contact
  • More interested in 'things' than people
  • Resistance to change, does not transition well from one activity to another
  • Does not speak, speech delayed, lost language or odd speech patterns
  • Repetitive movements
  • Melt-downs, aggressive or self-injurious behaviour
  • Sensory: puts hands over ears to quiet noise, sensitive to clothing, crowds, food textures
  • Does not wave goodbye, point or use gestures to communicate 
  • Selective and limited food preferences
  • Has trouble sleeping

Where to Start 

Contact us at or call us at 613.791.3757.  There's lots of great information on our website too.

If your child isn't meeting the developmental milestones contact the CHEO Access Team. Let them know if you suspect autism. Make sure to ask how long it will be before your child will get an Intake appointment and ask how long the wait-time is for a diagnostic assessment. (Note: OCTC and CHEO amalgamated as of October 2016.)  

Private insurance often covers a psychologist for a diagnosic assessment.  Look at our Info & Resouces page for the names of some private psychologists, pediatrician (OHIP). speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavour consultants, etc.  There is a fee for private psychologists.  There is no charge for an OHIP doctor (referral required).  

The sooner you have your child assessed, the sooner you will know what to do to help your child (autism or not). 
If your child is diagnosed with Autism, register your child with the Ontario Autism Program as soon as possible by calling 1.888.444.4530 and by email at  Click here to link to the Ministry website for more information. 

Private ABA service providers are listed under Therapies/Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA).

Speak with an Infant Development Worker at one of the Early Year's Centres drop in play groups.  You can also contact First Words and ask for an appointment.  Click here for more information.

Our Next Steps videos are available on our YouTube Channel.  These videos are from a workshop that we filmed and are broken down into short viewing segments.  QuickStart Autism.

To register your child with the Ontario Autism Program, call 1.888.444.4530 and/or email  Click here to link to the Ministry website for more information. 

Staying Organized:

We highly recommend you get a binder with tabs to help keep all the information straight.  Always ask for the person's name and phone number, which organization they are with and what you can expect to happen at the appointment.  When being offered services, ask how long the wait-time is, what the service will look like (for example with speech therapy, how many sessions will your child receive and how long will each session be). Have your questions ready when you do connect with people. 


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